Friday, May 3, 2013

Young At Heart or "Pioneering Pages"

Brunswick Town Chapter DAR members, Ella Maugans, Rhonda Amato and Carol Jutte were  pages at the State  Conference this year. Below are their comments.

My experience as a DAR Page.

When asked if I would be willing to serve as a Page, my first response was “Are you kidding?  I’m just a bit older than a Junior!”  After much thought and discussions about my concerns, I agreed to try.  I am glad that I accepted the challenge, and it was a challenge.  One of the things that I most enjoyed was the opportunity to meet and to share with so many of our Executive Board and the Guests for the Conference.  They stay very busy!!!  As a Page, my first job was to help “man the doors.”  I now have new respect for anyone who accepts that job in the future and I will try to be more understanding of those Pages.   But seriously, everyone was wonderful to work with over the weekend.  Ladies who had served as Pages previously gave advice, offered encouragement and often provided help.  We laughed and shared our mistakes as well as our successes around the dinner tables and during breaks.  We shared experiences as DAR sisters.  The “Thank You” and recognition that we received as “Young-at-Heart” Pages from our State Regent, Peggy Troxell, during the last meeting was very meaningful to me.  It is my hope for the future that other ladies will also accept the challenge and the opportunity to serve in some of the “non-traditional” offices or roles that are offered. 
 Ella Maugans
 I was honored to have been selected as a “Young at Heart” Page. It was my desire to serve, to learn, and to experience the behind-the-scenes work of the state conference. As personal page to the state officers, I learned first-hand how dedicated and committed they are to their jobs. I am thankful that the Troxell administration has given me this opportunity to serve and to learn. I would sincerely encourage other women to join us next year for this wonderful experience.
Rhonda M. Amato

The excitement of being a Page started in January when I was asked if I would consider the opportunity.
After meeting with the State Page Chairman, I was given the responsibility of being a Page for the Honorary Regents.
The Honorary Regents were very nice and appreciative of the help. It was fun getting to meet new people, learning how busy the convention can be, even the hustling to be at our assigned locations was rewarding.
As a Page, you do not always have the time to mingle with everyone but we had lots of laughs. However, all the ladies I met at the convention were friendly.
It appears that; Ella, Rhonda and I were the first lady Pages over 40 years of age.  I guess you could call us “Pioneering  Pages” of the NC DAR.
Being a Page was a great experience, which I hope to repeat.
Carol Jutte

Carol Jutte was the personal page to Sue Anderson, past NC DAR State Regent.

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