Saturday, April 11, 2015

Brunswick Town Chapter has a New Web Site

Brunswick Town Chapter

Brunswick Town DAR Chapter has a new website. Ann Shaddock, our Voluntary Information Specialist, (VIS) for North Carolina designed the web site. Jackie Craft and her committee members helped gather information and pictures. Thank you Carol Jutte for wearing that beautiful period dress at one of our Naturalization Ceremonies in Southport, North Carolina. On the right side of the blog under Websites click on Brunswick Town Chapter website and it take you directly to our new site.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Candle Wick Award Winners

L to R: Carol Jutte, Nancy Mazzei, Norma Eckard, Diane Price,  Martha Koletar, Celebrate America Chair and Jackie Craft,  Regent congratulating the Candle Wick Award winners for 2014 for contributing the most hours of service to the community.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Amos Terrill, Private, 2nd Regiment, Essex Co Militia

Amos Terrill, Private, 2nd Regiment, Essex Co Militia
Served under Capt. Samuel Pierson and Capt. Matthias Lyons

B. 1745, Elizabeth, NJ
D. July 13, 1802, Rahway, NJ
Wife: Mary

One of the larger and yet often forgotten battles of the Revolutionary War was the Battle of Springfield on June 23, 1780.  Together with the Battle of Connecticut Farms on June 7, 1780, Springfield marked the last significant effort of the British in New Jersey and the northern theater to destroy Washington's army. The winter of 1779-1780 was the most brutal of the war. 

Elizabeth, NJ: Today the battlefield is not particularly legible; one follows the route along suburban highways and notes the signs and plaques.  On Morris Avenue, where significant action occurred in the area of the Presbyterian Church, a shopping center and parking lot cover a large portion of the field.

Active service under Capt. Pierson, Feb. 17 – Apr. 7, 1777.
Active service under Capt. Lyon Jun.14 - Jul. 13, 1780.
Amos at the Battles: Connecticut Farms, NJ, June 7, 1780 and Springfield, NJ, June 23, 1780

Amos’s great grandfather Roger Terrill was born in England, came to America in 1634. Roger Terrill was one of the founders of Milford, Connecticut in 1639. Amos Terrill is my 7th Great-Grandfather.

Submitted by:
Carol A. Campbell Jutte