Saturday, December 19, 2015

January 2016 DAR Meeting Celebrates Our 40th Anniversary

The Brunswick Town Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will hold their meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at The Reserve in St. James Plantation, Rte. 211, Southport, NC at 10:00 AM.  The chapter will be celebrating its 40th anniversary.  For more information contact regent, Diane Kuebert  at (910-253-8853) or registrar, Cindy Sellers  at (910-540-0301).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thank You For Your Constitution Hall Preservation Gifts

I wish to express my deepest thanks to everyone who came together and celebrated Giving Tuesday with us. Your generosity will help us make the much-needed repairs to our beloved Constitution Hall.
As mentioned in my previous emails, the classic medallions that adorn the ceiling of the lobby are cracked and peeling. Thanks to your support, we exceeded our  goal of $10,000 toward the cost of their restoration. In fact, our campaign raised over $50,000— enough to restore at least 15 of the 21 beautiful medallions in DAR Constitution Hall!
Thank you again for helping to preserve this cherished landmark for future generations of Daughters, as well as the many thousands of visitors who come to DAR Constitution Hall each year.
Celebrate America!

Lynn Forney Young
President General

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wreaths Across America

Row 1: Diane Kuebert, Regent; Lucia Lister,  Fran Carlsen, Wreaths Across America, coordinator for Brunswick Town Chapter, and Carol Jutte, Vice-Regent

Row 2:  Lynn Deen, Recording and Corresponding Secretary; Connie Hendrix, Americanism Chair;  Brook Triplett, DAR Project Patriot Chair and Danielle Eastman and Michele Lewis prospective members. 

The above members of the Brunswick Town Chapter DAR assisted unpacking over 2274 wreaths that were placed on graves at the Wilmington National Cemetery in NC on December 12, 2015.  Next year there will be a wreath on every grave. We almost made it this year. There are 3000 graves. We can do it. We will start earlier in 2016. You can contact Wreaths Across America and put the DAR code in and start now to order wreaths for next year. Contact Fran Carlsen for information on how to do this. 910-575-2415

Diane Kuebert, Regent placing a wreath on a grave.

Wilmington National Cemetery Hosts Wreaths Across America Event
Posted: Dec. 12, 2015 5:21 PM EST Updated: Dec. 12, 2015 6:26 PM EST
By AJ Rickets
WILMINGTON, NC channel 6 news (WECT)
More than 2,000 wreaths were laid by graves at Wilmington National Cemetery Saturday afternoon, as part of a nationwide event organized by Wreaths Across America.

It’s just good to see so many coming out and realizing they’ve got some people that did pass, and they gave their lives in a lot of cases for them.” Said Fran Carlsen, a volunteer and member of the Daughters of the Revolution.

Families, veterans, cadets, and volunteers all gathered at the cemetery for a ceremony to honor those who served, before beginning to place wreaths all throughout the cemetery. There were over 500 more wreaths this year compared to last year’s event.

“This is important because we need to show support for our veterans, “said Captain Sean Murtagh, who spoke at the event. “Men and women working across the globe right now protecting our freedoms and our way of life, and it’s becoming even more important today. So getting that support, we don’t ask for it, but when we see that and see that our citizens care for us it means a lot to us and it keeps us going.”

Lynn Deen placing a wreath on a grave.


Friday, December 11, 2015

December DAR Meeting 2015

The December 9th 2015 DAR meeting was held at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E Nash Street, Southport, NC at 10 AM. The guest speaker was John Braswell who spoke about "The Two Youngest American Revolutionary War Generals - One A Quaker and The Other an Aristocratic Teenager." He used a slide presentation to go along with the program. The program was enjoyed by everyone that attended. If any DAR chapter or other organization would like John Braswell to be a guest speaker at their meeting they can contact him at: 
phone: 336-885-9375

Editor's Note: This article was reprinted from the August 2006 Edition of the Liberty Tree Newsletter
Major General Nathanael Greene of the American Revolution was General George Washington's most trusted General. Why he had that trust and how he earned it and maintained it is, in itself, a template for citizenship and patriotism for every generation. General Greene's dedication and service to this country was evident to his peers and fellow patriots during his lifetime. The Marquis de Lafayette proclaimed of him ".in the very name of Greene are remembered all the virtues and talents which illustrate the patriot, the statesman, and the military leader." The only men to have served all eight years of the Revolution at the rank of General were George Washington and Nathanael Greene.

                              Diane Kuebert and Gwen Causey
                                       Diane Kuebert and Fran Carlsen

Some of the ladies had lunch at The Pharmacy a restaurant in Southport, NC. There were some very delicious items on the menu.
This was a chicken salad dish and it was delicious.
This was a fish dish and you were to put the fish in a wrap. Those are French fries in the cone.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Volunteers Needed for Wreaths Across America on December 12th

Issue #102

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Logo for Wreaths Across America eNewsletter

2245 wreaths will be placed on graves on December 12th at the Wilmington Cemetery.

The Wreaths Across America is held annually on the second Saturday of December. Wreaths Across America would not be successful without the help of the volunteers, many active organizations and the generosity of the trucking industry. The program is held at:
Wilmington National Cemetery
2011 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403
Date: December 12, 2015
Time: 12 Noon E.S.T.
Contact Fran Carlsen from the Brunswick Town DAR Chapter at 910-253-9131 or e-mail Fran at if you would like to volunteer unpacking wreaths for Wreaths Across America on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

“Have you ever thought about what life would have been like had you been born in the late 1700’s – during the Revolutionary War Era?


“Have you ever thought about what life would have been like had you been born in the late 1700’s – during the Revolutionary War Era? In what kind of house would you live? What kind of music would you play” What was life really like 240 years ago?”  This was the opening of a slide presentation presented by Martha Koletar, Public Relations Chair for Brunswick Town Chapter Daughter of the American Revolution to five, 7th-grade classes at South Brunswick Middle School.  

Dressed as Betsy Ross, Martha compared the differences in the lives of children born in Colonial Times to the lives that today’s children enjoy. She took them back to a time when there were no computers, no cell phones, and no fast-food restaurants and transported them through the social and political climate of the times.  

The Seventh Grade Social Studies and History Departments put the special program together that gave historical perspectives beginning with the Renaissance through the Colonial Period. Martha’s presentation was, but one of many historical programs presented.  Some students dressed in Colonial and Renaissance costumes

Phyllis Wilson, also dressed in Colonial Attire, accompanied Martha and took pictures and assisted her with a display of Revolutionary era toys. We gave Constitution Bookmarks to the teachers for distribution to students. 

Phyllis and Martha then met Kathy Miller (all in period costume) to have lunch and “a spot of tea” at the quaint Southport Tea House.

 L to R: Martha Koletar, Phyllis Wilson and Kathy Miller had lunch and tea at the Southport Tea House.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

December 9, 2015 DAR Meeting

The next meeting of the Brunswick Town Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution will be held on Wednesday, December 9, 2015, at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E Nash Street, Southport, NC at 10 AM. The program will be presented by John Braswell on "The Two Youngest American Revolutionary War Generals - One A Quaker and The Other an Aristocratic Teenager."
For more information contact regent, Diane Kuebert  at (910-253-8853) or registrar, Cindy Sellers  at (910-540-0301).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Veterans Honored at November 11th DAR Meeting

L to R: Diane Kuebert, Regent; Dianna Conaty, Commemorative Events Chair; Bob Racine, Veteran and Co-Founder of The Warrior Ride; Fran Carlsen, Veteran, Wreaths Across America Chair, National Defense JROTC Chair and DAR Schools Chair, Raymond Ryan, Vietnam War Veteran, Carol Jutte, Vice-Regent and seated Kay Kye, Veteran and DAR member.The above mentioned Veterans were honored on Veterans' Day, November 11th at the November Brunswick Town DAR meeting, which was held at Trinity Methodist Church in Southport, NC. 

Carol Jutte presented Vietnam Commemorative Certificates to Robert Racine, Raymond Ryan, guests, members Kay Kye and Fran Carlsen. Dianna Conaty, Commemorative Events Chair explained the significance of the Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin.  She then presented a pin and an envelope with additional Vietnam Veteran items to each of the above four mentioned veterans. 

  Diane Kuebert told the DAR members about the DAR and Vietnam Veteran Commemorative Partner Program. The Commemorative Partner Program is designed for federal, state and local communities, veterans' organizations and other nongovernmental organizations to assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring our Vietnam Veterans and their families. Commemorative Partners are encouraged to participate in the Commemoration of the Vietnam War by planning and conducting events and activities that will recognize Vietnam Veterans and their families' service, valor, and sacrifice. To find out about the Commemorative Partner Program go to:

 The lapel pin from The Vietnam War National Commemorative Committee has much symbolism. The Eagle represents courage, honor and service. Blue circle blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice. The circle shape is the official seal of the commemoration.  The laurel wreath is the symbol of victory, integrity and strength. The stripes behind the eagle represent the American flag. The six stars represent the six allies; Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand, and The US. Message on the back  " A grateful nation thanks and honors you. "

Caroline Scott, Activity Coordinator for The Warrior Ride – contact her at

 At the Brunswick Town DAR Chapter’s November 11th meeting,  Diane Kuebert  presented Bob Racine with a chapter check for a donation to The Warrior Ride. Guest speaker, Bob Racine  spoke about The Warrior Ride an organization that was founded by Bob and his wife Debra from Oak Island, NC. They believe that with recreational therapy and camaraderie of being with others with similar experiences that this can help the nation's heroes to recuperate. The Cycling events that are sponsored by The Warrior Ride are Bob and Debra's way of giving back to our nation's heroes. Quote, "This is our life work, our personal ministry, and one of the greatest joys of our life." To find out more about The Warrior Ride go to .

Several Brunswick Town DAR members attended a Veterans' Day Program at Dosher Nursing Home in Southport, NC on November 11, 2015. Diane Kuebert, Regent read a patriotic poem to the residents, while Rhonda Amato, DAR member performed a dance routine. Everyone had a great afternoon.
L to R: Norma Eckard,former Historian received a check from the Brunswick Town DAR Chapter Treasurer Nancy Mazzei from donations that were given in memory of Harriet Barlowe, Historical Preservation Chair to be used for a special restoration project. 

Pritchard's Gift in November/December Issue of Spirit Magazine

Hope everyone in the Brunswick Town DAR chapter has renewed their subscription to The American Spirit Magazine. Go on line to to order your subscription. You can also contact DAR Magazine chair Mary Cundiff for additional information. Go to our chapter yearbook for contact information.

Herb Pritchard has painted over fifty portraits and mailed them to numerous families who have lost a loved one in the Iraq or Afghanistan Wars or unfortunately to suicide. Please go to page ten to view the wonderful article. Phyllis Wilson sent a few photographs and an article to Spirit Magazine last year and was pleasantly surprised to receive a recent e-mail that Herb was chosen to appear in the whatnot section of Spirit Magazine.

Photo contributed by the Star News in Wilmington, NC 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Veterans' Memorial Dedication Commemorative Program in Sunset Beach Town Park

Photographs were taken by Brunswick Town DAR member Cheri Lambert who attended the Veterans' Memorial Dedication Commemorative Program in Sunset Beach Town Park on November 11th.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

DAR Meeting Set for November 11, 2015

The next meeting of the Brunswick Town Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution will be held on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E Nash Street, Southport, NC at 10 AM. 

The program will be presented by Bob Racine on Warrior Ride: Non-Traditional Veterans Day.
For more information contact regent, Diane Kuebert  at (910-253-8853) or registrar, Cindy Sellers  at (910-540-0301).