Friday, December 11, 2015

December DAR Meeting 2015

The December 9th 2015 DAR meeting was held at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E Nash Street, Southport, NC at 10 AM. The guest speaker was John Braswell who spoke about "The Two Youngest American Revolutionary War Generals - One A Quaker and The Other an Aristocratic Teenager." He used a slide presentation to go along with the program. The program was enjoyed by everyone that attended. If any DAR chapter or other organization would like John Braswell to be a guest speaker at their meeting they can contact him at: 
phone: 336-885-9375

Editor's Note: This article was reprinted from the August 2006 Edition of the Liberty Tree Newsletter
Major General Nathanael Greene of the American Revolution was General George Washington's most trusted General. Why he had that trust and how he earned it and maintained it is, in itself, a template for citizenship and patriotism for every generation. General Greene's dedication and service to this country was evident to his peers and fellow patriots during his lifetime. The Marquis de Lafayette proclaimed of him ".in the very name of Greene are remembered all the virtues and talents which illustrate the patriot, the statesman, and the military leader." The only men to have served all eight years of the Revolution at the rank of General were George Washington and Nathanael Greene.

                              Diane Kuebert and Gwen Causey
                                       Diane Kuebert and Fran Carlsen

Some of the ladies had lunch at The Pharmacy a restaurant in Southport, NC. There were some very delicious items on the menu.
This was a chicken salad dish and it was delicious.
This was a fish dish and you were to put the fish in a wrap. Those are French fries in the cone.

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