Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville, NC Needs Help

The Veterans Hospital has been one of the project supported by our DAR chapter. It serves both inpatient and outpatient veterans, as well as patients in the nursing home facilities. Working with the volunteer department, we can do several things to help support those men and women who have given so much for our freedom. Below is a list of items that should be brought to the December 14th DAR meeting at Brunswick Electric.
1. Coffee and hot chocolate for Outpatient waiting areas and the Prosthetic Therapy areas.  ( Large cans of decaffeinated coffee for perking. Large non-dairy creamers - but not institutional sizes. Packets of hot chocolate
2. Small containers of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap. (Save from hotel samples) No mouthwashes. These contain alcohol. These containers are packaged to be given to the Homeless Program for distribution.
3. Hydrating body wash by Dial. (Not Scrub- The nurses in the nursing home have found that this is the most gentle on the skin of bed patients.   
4. Sweat pants and solid color Tee Shirts (  S, M and L for both sexes. No patient is allowed to leave the hospital wearing pajamas. It has been confirmed that Soffe Outlet Stores will work with us to see these at a discounted price.     
5. Paper back books (New or used if in good shape. Any type, even romance novels.
6. DVDs Must be rated PG-13 or under. They cannot use VHS any more.
7. Magazines (Newer editions-no guns, weapons or such.
8. Christmas Gift Bags (Socks, Tee shirts, briefs, wallets, small gifts, etc. Playing cards, puzzle books, games, Soft mint candies only.
9. Lap robes or coverlets: These are given to every patient at Christmas. Any designs are welcome. February 14th is National Salute to Veterans Day and every patient is given one. These are RED, WHITE and Blue)  45" X 45" or 60" make good sized coverlets. They may be quilted, knitted or crocheted. Any are welcome.
10. Sponsor a group cook out ($125-150 - Nursing Home patients and long-term patients for special outings.
Contact Norma N. Fraser, Chief, Voluntary Service at 910-822-7027 or e-mail:
Brunswick Town  Chapter contacts: Ella Ruth Maugans 910-269-7680 and Jerry Odom 910-488-0778         

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