Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Join the Commemoration Ceremony!

The Great War WWI Centennial April 6, 1917 – April 6, 2017
America declared war on the German Empire on April 6, 1917. The National Society is asking chapters to recognize this important date and inform the community of its importance.
To partake in this endeavor chapter members are asked to meet on Thursday, April 6, at 10:30 am at the WWI Rifle Range Pit in Caswell Beach. A group picture will be taken and sent to the newspapers to inform the public of this date.
We have planned a special gathering to remember this date in history. The chapter wreath will be presented at the wall of the WWI Rifle Range; have a special reading and a Time of Remembrance where members can name their ancestor that served in WWI. Chapter member Norma Eckard, who is also President of the Friends of Fort Caswell will be telling the history and significance of the Fort Caswell Beach WWI Rifle Range Target Pit, and conclude with a tour. Please contact Regent, Diane Kuebert to say you want to attend at diane@kuebert.net .
      For those that would like to eat lunch after the event, Norma has arranged to eat at Duffers Pub and Grill at the Oak Island Golf Club at 12:00 noon. You will order off the menu. But please let Norma know you want to eat at Duffers, so she can give the restaurant a number count. normaron@mindspring.com .
      We suggest wearing sturdy and comfortable shoes as you will be walking a short distance from the parking area where Norma’s husband, Ron, will assist with parking.
Directions to the Fort Caswell Rifle Range in the Caswell Dunes Sub-division:
If you take the route of the NEW bridge - Swains Cut Bridge, from Route 211When you cross the bridge, take a LEFT turn onto Oak Island Drive
Continue until the 2nd traffic light and turn RIGHT toward Caswell Beach
If you take the route of the OLD bridge - BARBE, from Route 133Continue driving until the road turns LEFT (90 degree turn)
Pass the golf course on the LEFT where Duffers Pub and Bar are located
Turn LEFT onto Pinecrest Drive
Turn RIGHT onto Foxfire Trace and the Rifle Range is on your LEFT.
Park in the two condo parking areas on the RIGHT on Foxfire Trace
Park across from the Clubhouse on 45 Pinehurst Drive
Do not park on the grass anywhere – Thank you.

Tour France: "Celebrating the Franco-American Alliance

An Invitation to Tour France: "Celebrating the Franco-American Alliance"
Written By Gale Crafton, National Chair, DAR Tours Committee
Join the President General and the Dillon Administration as we travel to France in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the ending of World War I with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles!
The 2017 France Tour, October 7-14, 2017, will include visiting the World War I Somme American Military Cemetery which honors the ultimate sacrifice of 1,844 American military men who lost their lives serving in World War I.  A visit to Chateau-Thierry Monument and Belleau Wood Marine Monument commemorates the 2,289 U.S. soldiers who fought and lost their lives in the Marne Valley during the spring and summer of 1918.
We will walk Fort Vaux, where the Battle of Verdun, the longest battle of the First World War on the Western Front was fought from February to December 1916.
Our 2017 France Tour will also include a trip to Tilloloy, France, where the Daughters of the American Revolution reconstructed the municipal water system after its complete destruction during WW I.
Joining with Rochambeau Chapter members in Paris, we will also visit the American Revolutionary markers along Place des Etats-Unis in Paris, the American Cathedral, and the tomb of Marquis de Lafayette in the Picpus Cemetery.  A tour of the gardens at the Palace of Versailles where the Treaty of Versailles which ended WW I was signed.
So, if you have always wanted to learn more about the historical connection of the United States and France, or see the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Norte Dame, Arc de Triomphe, visit the Louvre Museum, or just have that leisure cup of coffee while sitting at an outdoor café along the Champs Elysees, this is your chance!
Visit the DAR Tours Committee page to download the Tour Brochure and detailed information.
Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this exciting France Tour!