Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kings Mountain Little Theater Presents a Play About the Battle of Kings Mountain June 26 through July 28th

The Kings Mountain Little Theater has produced a play regarding the Battle of Kings Mountain called Liberty Mountain, written by Bob Inman, retired WBTV broadcaster whose ancestor, Col. Williams, died after the battle ended.

I request the NCSDAR to help promote this play scheduled for additional performances this June, July, and again in October.  Join the Colonel Frederick Hambright Chapter, NSDAR, in supporting this docudrama produced by the KM Little Theater, City of Kings Mountain, Kings Mountain Historical Museum, and countless other civic groups to share the story beyond our community.

Many of our own NC Daughters don’t know the significance this little battle had in the Revolution and upon the very course of American History itself.  We would love to have them visit Kings Mountain to get the full story.  It would make a wonderful summer trip or any chapter.

Here’s a link to the promotional video on YouTube. I saw the play last summer; it was very well done. The video shows the professional emphasis placed upon this production. As DAR members, we all need to promote local efforts to preserve our history.  If we don’t, the significance of our ancestor’s sacrifices will be lost forever.

Performance Dates:

June 26 and 27, and July 3, 10, 11, 17,and 18 at 7:30 PM
June 27 and 28, and July 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19 at 3:00 PM

WTVI produced a short video describing the play and the significance locally, across the state, and to our nation. An interview with Bob Inman helps explain the significance of this battle in context to the entire Revolutionary Way.


Brief Historical Background

Liberty Mountain: A Revolutionary Play
 1780. The American Revolution has dragged on for five wearying years, and is now at a stalemate. There have been victories and defeats on both sides in the New England colonies – Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Lexington, Concord, Trenton, Monmouth. But victory eludes the combatants. The British under General Clinton firmly hold New York, but little else. George Washington’s Continentals are unable to force a decisive battle.

The new British strategy: invade South Carolina. Capture Charleston and drive north, establishing strongholds, attracting what’s expected to be an outpouring of loyalist sentiment and arms. Once South Carolina is subdued, continue into North Carolina, then to Virginia. Trap George Washington’s army between the British forces moving north and those coming out of New York in a decisive battle that will end the revolution.

It almost worked, and would have except for Kings Mountain – a story being re-told 234 years after the fact in a new stage drama.

Contact Loretta Cozart for additional information about purchasing tickets. Buy your tickets right away since last year's show sold out months in advance.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Brunswick Town Chapter Members Attend State Conference 2015

Seated: Betsy Pessetto, Vice-Regent, Jackie Craft, Regent, Lisa Pomeranz, Geneology Preservation State Chair, Pat Gooding, Treasurer; Standing: Carol Jutte, Membership Chair, Gwen Causey, State Registrar, and Phyllis Wilson, State Public Relations and Media Chair

May 6, 2015

Brunswick Town Daughters:
Ladies, I wanted to give you an update on the 115th State Conference where we celebrated our “Scottish and Irish Heritage” held in Durham from April 30th through May 3rd.

A few notes from Conference:
  • 6,796 total membership, 463 junior members and 105 NC Chapters
  • Over 185,000 hours for Celebrate America in 2014
  • Genealogical Records Report – Diane Price was mentioned for the number of bible records that she sent in Historical Preservation Report 
  • Rifle Pit Project on Caswell Beach was mentioned.
  • No Fall Forums in 2015 because of new State Officers
Regent, Jackie Craft

   L to R: Phyllis Wilson, NC State Public Relations and Media Chair, Anderson Smallwood, Scholarship Winner, Judith Parker, NC State Scholarship Chair, and Jackie Craft, Regent of the Brunswick Town Chapter. 

Judith Parker, NC State Scholarship Chair presented the Cordon/Street Scholarship Award to Anderson Lane Smallwood at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, May 2nd. Anderson was sponsored by the Brunswick Town DAR Chapter. She was an Endowment Scholarship Winner. Anderson is a senior at South Brunswick High School. Anderson placed 2nd in her graduating class with a 4.87 GPA.

She is a member of South Brunswick High School's marching band, is a member of the National Honor Society and is the 2014 queen of the Southport-Oak Island Pageant.In addition, she participates in extracurricular activities such as Students Against Drunk Driving, Key and Spanish clubs and regularly volunteers at the Dosher Nursing Center as well as community events. Anderson lives in Oak Island,  consistently placed gold at dance competitions for clogging and worked during the summer.  

Anderson plans to attend Wake Forest University, which is a private, independent, nonprofit research university in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Phyllis Wilson, State Public Relations & Media Chair was photographed by the photographer at the conference holding one of 23 presentation folders that won  a merit award for having the most "Patriotic Cover." This was submitted by Fran Farrell, the regent from the General Davie Chapter. Fran is also State Regent's Project Chair.
Below are the four SE Division Awards that were sent to National for Judging in the Public Relations & Media Area by Janet Deaton, SE Division Chair

Brochure or Fact Sheet - Joseph McDowell
Electronic Media/Social Media/Websites - Brunswick Town
Innovative Use of PR by a Chapter - Abraham Kuykendall
Best State Report - North Carolina - Phyllis Wilson
Public Relations and; Media: Exceptional Activities in 2014 - Hugh Rogers Chapter.  First Place Outstanding Newsletter- Colonel Joseph Winston. Second Place - Mary Slocumb. Third Place -Merit Awards - Waightstill Avery, Micajah Pettaway, Abraham Kuykendall, Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, John Penn, Liberty Hall, General Davie, Mayor Benjamin May, Brunswick Town, Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk, Davie Poplar, Piedmont Patriot – flyer.
        Joseph McDowell Chapter, First Place Chapter Fact Sheets/Brochure - General Davie Chapter, Second Place - Yates Mill Chapter, Third Place – Merit Awards - Mary Slocumb, Major Benjamin May, Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Brunswick Town, Abraham Kuykendall, Edward Buncombe, Piedmont Patriots – Fact Sheet.  Brunswick Town Chapter  First Place Outstanding Media Coverage/Print -Griffith Rutherford Chapter, Second Place – Print, Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter, Second Place – Social Media, Edenton Tea Party Chapter, Third Place – Print,  Merit Awards - John Penn, Archibald Murphey, Daniel Boone, Battle of Sugartown, Abraham Kuykendall, Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Edward Buncombe, Colonel Robert Rowan Chapter, William Chronicle, Hugh Rogers Joseph McDowell Chapter. First Place Outstanding Chapter Use of “Today’s DAR Video - Mecklenburg Chapter Second Place -  Griffith Rutherford Chapter - Third Place - Merit Awards - Daniel Boone, Major William Chronicle, Thomas Hadley, John Knox. Abraham Kuykendall Chapter, First Place Outstanding Radio/TV Coverage Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter,  Second Place - Daniel Boone Chapter, Third Place - Merit Awards - Micajah Petaway, Rachel Caldwell, Alfred Moore. Mary Slocumb Chapter, First Place Outstanding Commemorative Event - Daniel Boone Chapter Second Place - John Penn Chapter, Third Place – Merit Awards - Colonel Joseph Winston, Davie Poplar. Chapters that turned in Presentation Folders: Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, Mary Slocumb, Mayor Benjamin May, Alfred Moore Colonel Robert Rowan, Waightstill Avery, Edward Bucombe, Brunswick Town, Piedmont Patriots, Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk, Abraham Kuykendall, Davie Poplar, Edenton Tea Party, General Davie, Liberty Hall, John Hoyle Chapter, Micajah Pettaway, Daniel Boone, William Chronicle, Yates Mil,l Colonel Joseph Winston, John Penn Chapter, James McDowell. Chapters with Facebook pages: Battle of Rockfish, Brunswick Town, Colonel Joseph Winston, Edward Buncombe, Greenlee, Guilford Battle, Hugh Rogers, John Hoyle, Liberty Point, Mary Slocumb, Micajah Bullock, Micajah Pettaway, Otway Burns, Piedmont Patriots, Smith-Bryan, Virginia Dare, Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk. Chapters with blogs: Battle of Rockfish, Brunswick Town, Colonel Joseph Winston, John Hoyle, Mary Slocumb, Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk.
Outstanding Merit Awards for Exceptional Activities:
Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter for their Naturalization Ceremony and a Merit Award for outstanding restoration of the home of Veteran Jay Swartz.  Edward Buncombe Chapter – award to Luann Nelson for outstanding management of the National Daughters of the American Revolution and the North Carolina Society Daughters of the American Revolution Facebook pages and for outstanding coverage on Social Media in the American Spirit Magazine. Colonel Arthur Forbis Chapter – for presenting Braille Flags to the Lions Club. Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter – for nominating Luis Lobo for the DAR Americanism Medal. Colonel Frederick Hambright – award to Loretta Cozart for nominating Ron Howard for the 2015 DAR National Society Media Award for the PBS show “Unsung Heroes: The Story of America’s Female Patriots. Colonel Joseph Winston Chapter award to Robyn Rutledge for nominating Luis Lobo for the DAR Americanism Medal. Mayor Benjamin May for showing the NCSDAR CD “DAR Membership: A New Beginning: and having a pizza party for new members to get acquainted. General Davie Chapter- for the most patriotic presentation folder. Davie Poplar Chapter - for an outstanding fundraiser to support Services for Veterans. Joseph McDowell Chapter – award to Shannon Coffey for an outstanding design of the “Correct Placement of Basic Chapter Pins” flyer and presentation folder cover. Waightstill Avery Chapter- most attractively presented patriotic presentation of information.  Piedmont Patriots – outstanding radio coverage during Constitution Week.

One Hundred Fifteenth DAR State Conference

The North Carolina Society Daughters of the American Revolution held the One Hundred Fifteenth State Conference on April 30 - May 3, 2015 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Durham, North Carolina.The theme for the conference was "Celebrating Our Scottish and Irish Heritage."

L to R: Page - Amy Kuser, Ray Maxson and
 Page - Jennifer Maulding

Phyllis Wilson and Luann Nelson posing for a photo in front of the PowerPoint presentation that showed numerous events that Peggy Troxell attended over the past three years. This was shown Friday and Saturday evening. A special thanks goes to all the DAR chapters that e-mailed Phyllis photos for the PowerPower and to Gwen Causey for editing the presentation.