2017 State Chapter Awards

American History Essay Contest American Indians • Donated to Bacone College • Chemawa Indian School Commemorative Events • 1st Place in State – 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War “Special Vietnam Memorial Dedication Ceremony held at Mulberry Park, Tree Planted to Honor Fallen Heroes, Unveiled, a Dedicated Marker with Name of Fallen” • 1st Place in State – 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War “Commemoration of the Last Day U.S. Troops on Ground in Vietnam Read Names and Rank of Fallen Heroes, Rang Bells for Fallen Heroes, Flowers Placed at the Memorial Wall” • Recognition of Independence Day Parades and Celebrations • Recognition of 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor Community Service Awards • Outstanding Participation in Giving Two Community Service Awards Conservation • Outstanding Conservation Work DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee • Lisa Pomeranz - Participation in Supporting Documentation Project, 2016 DAR Magazine Bronze Level Contest Winner Magazine Subscriptions Chapters with 100 Members Plus DAR Project Patriot DAR Schools • 1st Place in State – Hillside School Support • NCSDAR School Excellent Report DAR Service for Veterans  • 1st Place in State Literacy Promotion 
• Outstanding Chapter, Honorable Mention Membership  • Cynthia Sellers, Registrar – 10 or More Applications Submitted in 2016 • Brunswick Town Chapter − Applications Submitted in 2016 – 10 or More National Defense • Exceptional Commitment to National Defense Non-DAR Workshop  • 3rd Place in State - Most Members Attending – 8 Members Patriot Records Project • Lisa Pomeranz for Participation in the Second Year of the Patriot Records Project • Brunswick Town Chapter for Participation in the Patriot Records Project Public Relations & Media • Faithful Blogger Award • Tar Heel Patriot Award • High Flyer Award for Chapter Brochure • Outstanding Chapter PR and Media Report • Face Up for Facebook Award • Information Please Award for Outstanding Newsletter • Stop the Presses Award for News Coverage • Great PR Idea:  Candle Wick Award for Burning the Candle at Both Ends • Excellent Commemoration Award for Marking of DAR Vietnam Memorial • Excellent Event Award for Naturalization Ceremony Service to America • Best Efforts to Increase Participation Technology Use • Martha Koletar  The Flag of the United States of America  • State Honorable Mention Yearbook Award *Chapter Yearbook, tri-color and; heart award 

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