Thursday, April 3, 2014

American Indian Minute - April 2014

An American Indian History Quiz

1. Who was President when the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was passed?
2. Why did the US government establish Indian reservations?
3. How many treaties has the US government made with the American Indians?
4. What state has the most American Indian population?
5. What are the top 5 cities with a sizable American Indian population?

Come visit our site tomorrow and the answers will be posted.
As promised here are the answers:
1. Andrew Jackson
2. The government's objective was to rid the country of its "Indian problem" and open land for white settlers.
3. Over 500 treaties have been made; over 500 treaties have been broken. In 1980 the Sioux Nation took the US government to the Supreme Court for violating the Fort Laramie Treaty in which the US acknowledged the Black Hills as the Sioux Homeland and won. Instead of returning the land the Government offered a cash settlement. The Sioux refused and the cash is still sitting in Escrow today. 
4. California - per 2010 census
5. New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Oklahoma City and Anchorage

Good Luck
Pat Elsaesser
American Indians Committee Chair

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Orientation Program for New Brunswick Town DAR Members

The Registrar, Membership, Lineage Research Chairwomen  held a New Member Orientation at the home of Jackie Craft Regent of Winding River, NC on April 2, 2014.

Starting on the bottom row and going L-R Carol Jutte, Cindy Sellers, Martha Koletar, Carol Hart, DAR member Row 2:  Sherrill Sykes, Mary Cundiff, Betsy Roberts, Connie Hendrix, Debbie Chittum and behind Debbie is Mo Stankard Row 3:  Lynn Deen, Sandy Kotch, Jane DelRosso-Freach, Pat Tucker, Jane Johnson and in front of Jane is Judy Holden Row 4:  Jackie Craft, Diane Price, Gwen Causey and Elizabeth Harrelson

Jackie Craft is showing a presentation from her computer via the TV monitor to Diane Price, Lineage Chair and Sherrill Sykes, new members and other guests.  

Carol Jutte, Membership Chair referring to the TV.  Seated are Jane Johnson and Elizabeth Harrelson.

New Brunswick Town Chapter  DAR new members Judy Holden, Betsy Roberts and Lynn Deen are enjoying the Orientation Tea at the home of Regent, Jackie Craft. Gwen Causey, NC DAR State Registrar and Brunswick Town Chapter National Defense Chair is standing behind Betsy Roberts.

Monday, March 31, 2014

March DAR Meeting - Special Guest DAR State Regent Peggy Troxell

The March DAR meeting was held at St. James Plantation in Southport, NC at the Reserve Golf Club. Our Brunswick Town Chapter Regent, Jackie Craft introduced Peggy Troxell, NC DAR State Regent, who thanked us for all our volunteer work for the DAR and asked us to continue to participate in the President Generals project Celebrate America.  Total DAR membership at of January 2014 is 177,049 with last year being a record year for new members.  The State Regent’s project of refurbishing two silver candelabras was finished and are in the North Carolina room at headquarters in DC.  The next project is the restoration of a classroom in the Tamassee School.

The program was given by Eric Kozen, Superintendent of the Oakdale Cemetery.  Eric spoke about the history of Oakdale Cemetery and how headstones can help in genealogical research.  The cemetery has several famous people buried there and they give a variety of tours.  

Commemorative Chair Dianna Conaty had a visual display of the Moores Creek Ceremony that seven of our members attended. 
NC DAR State Chairman and  Brunswick Town Chapter Public Relations and Media chair Phyllis Wilson presented an award to Barbara Lawrence who has helped her with graphic design for our chapter pamphlet, which won first place in the state last year and also won SE Division. Barbara also helped design a display panel that Phyllis used at State Conference last year and also at the October, 2013 DAR meeting. Barbara Lawrence is a resident of St. James and a retired graphics arts designer and school teacher from Fairfax County, VA.

Sitting at table from L to R: Sandy Kotch, Pat Tucker, Carol Loop, and Leola Benjamin are new DAR prospective members that just signed their papers:. Standing L to R are:  DAR Brunswick Town Chapter Regent Jackie Craft, NC State Registrar, Gwen Causey, NC State Regent, Peggy Troxell, Chapter registrar, Cindy Sellers

The two ladies in the front are Gwen Causey, NC State Registrar and NC State Regent Peggy Troxell
Back row: Cindy Sellers, Chapter Registrar, Norma Eckard, Chapter Historian, Diane Kuebert, Chapter Chaplain, Pat Gooding, Chapter Treasurer, Cheri Lambert, Chapter Secretary, Betsy Pessetto, Chapter First Vice-Regent and Jackie Craft, Chapter Regent