Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Orientation Program for New Brunswick Town DAR Members

The Registrar, Membership, Lineage Research Chairwomen  held a New Member Orientation at the home of Jackie Craft Regent of Winding River, NC on April 2, 2014.

Starting on the bottom row and going L-R Carol Jutte, Cindy Sellers, Martha Koletar, Carol Hart, DAR member Row 2:  Sherrill Sykes, Mary Cundiff, Betsy Roberts, Connie Hendrix, Debbie Chittum and behind Debbie is Mo Stankard Row 3:  Lynn Deen, Sandy Kotch, Jane DelRosso-Freach, Pat Tucker, Jane Johnson and in front of Jane is Judy Holden Row 4:  Jackie Craft, Diane Price, Gwen Causey and Elizabeth Harrelson

Jackie Craft is showing a presentation from her computer via the TV monitor to Diane Price, Lineage Chair and Sherrill Sykes, new members and other guests.  

Carol Jutte, Membership Chair referring to the TV.  Seated are Jane Johnson and Elizabeth Harrelson.

New Brunswick Town Chapter  DAR new members Judy Holden, Betsy Roberts and Lynn Deen are enjoying the Orientation Tea at the home of Regent, Jackie Craft. Gwen Causey, NC DAR State Registrar and Brunswick Town Chapter National Defense Chair is standing behind Betsy Roberts.

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