Saturday, October 11, 2014

Constitution Week 2014

Martha Koletar, Celebrate America chair and Sandi Winstead, Constitution Week Chair in period dress visited ten elementary schools in Brunswick Town, 

The Brunswick Town Chapter presented a special program to fourth and fifth graders at elementary schools throughout Brunswick County, NC. Constitution Week Chairman, Sandra Winstead presented a program addressing the political, economic and social aspects of colonial life in the thirteen colonies and summarized the contributions of the "Founding Fathers" to the development of our country. Member, Martha Koletar, dressed as Betsy Ross, gave a slide presentation, " The Life of a Child During Colonial Times" comparing today's children and children of colonial times. The presentation compared life in such areas such as schools, foods, clothes, toys, music and other social aspects and how the children played an important role in helping the family and even going into battle during the Revolutionary War. There was a display of replicated Colonial toys, a half-penny and a quill that the children were able to examine. Bookmarks were given to each student.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Two American Gold Star Mothers Were Guest Speakers at the October 8th DAR Meeting in Southport, NC

The Brunswick Town Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution were happy to have two special ladies as guest speakers at their October 8th DAR meeting which was held at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Southport, NC.  Norma Luther, National President, American Gold Star Mothers, Inc who is a Proud American Gold Star Mother of Capt. Glen P. Adams, Jr. 1960-1988, West Point USMA Class of '84. Vivian Scharver, Past National Officer of the American Gold Star Mothers. Both ladies are from the Azalea Chapter. Vivian is the Proud American Gold Star Mother of Lt. Jeffrey R. Scharver 1958-1983 USMC "Remember Grenade."

Norma Luther, National President AGSM, Inc. Vivian Scharver, Past National Officer of American Gold Star Mothers.

Please continue to donate books for this cause. 
Joan Hall, Genealogy Preservation chair, holds a photo album she made after attending the Naturalization Ceremony, at the Battleship NC on September 17th sponsored by the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter. A special thank you goes to The Joseph Montford Chapter, Battle of Rockfish Chapter, The Otway Burns Chapter and The Brunswick Town DAR Chapter for their help with the program.

Brunswick Town DAR Chapter plans to donate additional historical children's books to the 10 elementary schools in Brunswick County. This time famous women such as, Abigail Adams, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt and Harriet Tubman will be some of the chosen books.

Vice-Regent Betsy Pessetto, Chapter Historian, Norma Eckard and Regent Jackie Craft displaying the Commemorative Events Presentation Folder.

Registrar Cindy Sellers has new member sign papers to become a member of othe Brunswick Town DAR Chapter.