Sunday, February 22, 2015

239th Anniversary of the Battle of Moores Creek Battlefield

Saturday, February 21st, was a cold day to start with but warmed up nicely during the procession at Moores Creek.  Brunswick Town banner was carried by Regent Jackie Craft and members Cindy Sellers, Brenda Harriss,  Kathy Miller, Vicki Kay, and Carol Jutte marched along. A wreath was laid at the Women’s Monument by the Wilmington Ladies Tea Walk Chapter.  This monument commemorates the action of Polly Slocum, who according to legend rode 65 miles alone at night to tend to the Patriots wounded after the battle.  Also a wreath was placed at the Loyalist Monument.  The Brunswick Town Chapter wreath was placed at Col. James Moore who was Commander of the Patriot troops.

The following information taken from the Moores Creek National Park web site:
"King George and Broadswords!”

Loyalists were unaware of what they would encounter as they charged across a partially dismantled Moores Creek Bridge on February 27, 1776. Just beyond the bridge nearly 1,000 North Carolina patriots waited quietly with cannons and muskets poised to fire. This dramatic victory ended British rule in the colony forever. 

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