Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Peggy Troxell Attends Grave Marking Ceremony of Henrietta Foy

Lord Craven Colonial Dames President, Carole Weiss and DAR State President, Peggy Troxell place a wreath on the grave stone of Henrietta Foy on Saturday, September 28th at her grave at Poplar Grove in Wilmington, NC.

Several members of the Brunswick Town Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution attended the Grave Marking Ceremony of Henrietta Rhodes Foy, daughter of Henry Rhodes Revolutionary War Patriot, on Saturday, September 28th at 10:00 a.m. at Poplar Grove Plantation, in Wilmington, NC sponsored by The Stamp Defiance DAR Chapter. The Stamp Defiance Chapter sponsored a reception immediately following the ceremony in the Manor House. The Brunswick town members who attended  the ceremony were: Phyllis Wilson, Bonnie Becmer, Nora Hickam and Pat Gooding.
Undine Longo, member of the Stamp Defiance Chapter,  Bonnie Becmer and Pat Gooding from the Brunswick Town Chapter enjoy refreshments in the parlor of the Manor House at Poplar Grove after the Grave Marking of Henrietta Foy.

Peggy Troxzell, NC DAR State Regent, Carole Weiss, President of the Lord Craven Colonial Dames Chapter, Linda Rivenbark, DAR District IX Director and ladies dressed in Colonial costume from The Stamp Defiance Chapter bow their heads in a moment of prayer.

This is a back view of The Poplar Grove Manor House. All of the guests who attended the Grave Marking of Henrietta Foy walked up to the first floor of the Manor House for refreshments.

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