Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Gift of Art

Herb Pritchard took an early retirement after a twenty-five year Federal career,  and went back to graduate school for three years to become a mental health professional.  He had a very life-enriching career working in mental health clinics, prisons, private practice and assisting victims of abuse here in Brunswick County. Since his latest retirement he has volunteered with Southport / Oak Island Counseling Service, Southport Elementary School kindergarten, hospice and Stephens Ministry.  His principle interests are relationships, painting, tending his garden and nurturing his soul. Herb is an artist and he has a devotion to paint oil portraits at no charge for families who have lost a loved one in our recent wars. He mails these free to any location in the USA.  All he needs is to receive a photo at . Here is a story link from an article about Herb that was posted a few years ago.

Above are examples of three portraits that Herb painted for families that lost a loved one.You can e-mail Herb and send him a photograph and provide your contact information. He is one special man giving 
a gift of the HART. 

Posted by Phyllis Wilson
Neighbor of Herb Pritchard

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