Monday, October 14, 2013

Contemporary Native American Indian Women at the October 9th DAR meeting

Regent, Jackie Craft

The Brunswick Town Chapter DAR meeting was held Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Southport, North Carolina. There were 44 members, 2 guests and 3 prospective members. Our chapter has 109 members.

Pat Elsaesser showing DAR members some of the samples of Native American Indian books that
she had on display.
Chapter Chairman for Native American Indian Committee, Pat Elsaesser, presented a program on Contemporary Native American Indian Women at the October 9th DAR meeting. Featured were Wilma Mankiller, first woman Chief of the Cherokee Nation; Native American Indian Women of Proud Nations in North Carolina and Winona LaDuke, Anishinaabe Tribe in Minnesota, who works nationally and internationally on issues of climate change, renewable energy, environmental justice, sustainable development and food systems.

DAR Chaplain, Diane Kuebert and Chapter Regent, Jackie Craft welcome all of the members and guests to the October meeting. There were 49 in attendance. Today's DAR video was shown as the guests came in reception area for the meeting. The video was shown on three screens prior to the start of the DAR meeting. This was a successful way to utilize the DAR video. Hope other chapters will see this on the blog and try it during on of their meetings.

Phyllis Wilson, DAR Chapter and State Public Relations &; Media Chair gave a workshop on "Learn Your Way Around rhe Chapter's  Newsletter." Our regent, Jackie Craft does a monthly newsletter and regent's notes that she sends out to all the members. Phyllis showed the newsletter through the aid of a screen presentation  at the Trinity United Methodist Church. Technician Lee Patterson and Lisa Pomreranz, DAR Genealogy Preservation Chair assisted Phyllis with the DAR video and  the newsletter presentation. 
Technician Lee Patterson from the Trinity United
Methodist  Church in Southport, NC.
Phyllis Wilson, Public Relations and Media Chair

The ladies sworn in as new members were: Katherine Hufham, Judy Holden,
 Linda Eckman and 
Lois Ambler 

Harriet Barlowe

William Peace University held a field school for four weeks at Fort Caswell this summer.  Since Fort Caswell had never been scientifically studied, this was an exciting time for a dig at this historic site.  The investigation is part of an application by the owner, the North Carolina Baptist Assembly, for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  On September 13, 2013, the N.C. Maritime Museum hosted "Stepping Back Into History 2013 Fort Macon and Fort Caswell."  The talk and tour at the forts were conducted by Jim Mckee interpreter, Fort Anderson and Paul Branch ranger/author, Fort Macon.  

posted by Harriet Barlowe
"The State Port Pilot," Southport, NC July 17, 2013 and "The State Port Pilot," Southport, NC, September 18, 2013( Reference information for article)

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