Friday, April 19, 2013

Children of the American Revolution - Members Needed

 The Governor Benjamin Smith chapter is in the process of becoming an active chapter of CAR once again.  In order to become active, we need members. It is recommended by NSCAR that the chapter have at least six members to become active.  So far, we have four.  Membership is open to anyone under the age of 21, lineally descended from someone who rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence as a soldier, sailor, civil officer, or recognized patriot in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United States. If you have children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren who would like to join CAR, please contact Dawn Schulte at It is our goal to begin having meetings in the fall of 2013.
Check out the above web site for The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution. Above photo taken from web site.

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