Sunday, September 18, 2011


Share your experience in relation to family, career or health. Only “one” essay per member per year will be accepted.

1.  Essay must be titled, typed, and no more than 1800 words. All words count and only essays will be accepted.

2.  A cover page must give the member’s name, chapter, national number, address, telephone number, email address (if available), essay title, and category (family, career, or health). Any submission failing to meet the requirements will be disqualified.

3.  All entries must reach Jan Scarborough, our Women’s Issues chairman by February 1, 2012. Her address is:  5977 Dunbar Road in Granite Falls, NC 28630.  She will send the best entry from each category to her respective Division vice chairman by April 1. The Division vice chairman will select the best essay from each category from all received and send the selected entries to the corresponding national vice chairman of Family, Career, or Health. Winners will be announced at Continental Congress.

submitted by Nadine Bray, Women's Issue Chair for Brunswick Town Chapter

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