Sunday, September 18, 2011

DAR Luncheons

Back row: Phyllis Wilson, Harriet Barlow, Helen Taylor, Barb Carrico, Diane Kuebert, Gwen Causey, Bonnie Becmer.
Front row: Nancy Glielmi, Madred Boyer, Ann Newton and Nora Hickam.
The Brunswick Town Chapter of the DAR got together this summer on August 22nd for a  luncheon to become better aquainted. The group in the picture below got together in June of 2011.
All DAR members are encouraged to view "Today's DAR" video at this web site:

Phyllis Wilson, public relations chair invited a group of ladies to attend a luncheon at The Reserve Golf Club this summer, L to R: Phyllis Wilson, Trudy Tanzillo, Vicki Kay, Nora Hickam, Bonnie Becmer, and Jackie Craft.

Front row: Susan Hadenchuk, Jackie Craft, Ginny Cannon,
back row: Connie Davidson, Ann Warren, Diane Price and Phyllis Wilson

This group of ladies got together after the September 14th DAR meeting in Southport at the Methodist Church. The ladies got together to get better acquained. They dined at Ports of Call in Southport and had a delicious lunch. All the ladies left with a feeling of being better acquainted.
They were all encourage to visit to learn more about Today's DAR by watching the video.

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