Photos of Members

DAR Meeting - New Members Signing Papers

Seated: Suzanne Winterhalter, Faye Cashwell, Connie Hendrix, Lynn Deen, Sherrill Sykes

Standing: Cindy Sellers, Myrtle Watson, Betsy Hamer, Carol Hart, Mo Stankard, Gwen Causey 

May DAR Meeting, 2017

L to R: Diane Price, Librarian; Phyllis Wilson, Historian;  Annetta Clark, Treasurer; Lynn Deen, Recording/Corresponding Secretary; Kathy Miller, Chaplain; Pat Gooding, Vice-Regent; and Carol Jutte, Regent
Missing from photo Cindy Sellers; Registrar

 Row 1: Martha Koletar, Kathy O’Donnell and Kathy Miller
 Row 2: Cindy Sellers, and Jackie Craft
 Kathy O’Donnell is signing her membership papers, Martha and  Kathy Miller are signing supplementals.

Row 1-  Kathy O'Donnell, Cindy Sellers, Cindy Gulledge,
Brenda Harriss
Row 2 - Martha Koletar, Jane Johnson, Carol Johnert (prospective member), Emily Queener

Row 1: Betsy Pessetto, Mary Ann Davie (guest of Jackie Craft
from the Halpatiokee DAR Chapter in Martin Co, Florida 
and Fran Carlsen
Row 2: Pat Gooding, Jackie Craft and Bonnie Becmer

Row 1: Vicky Kay, Helen Taylor, Nora Hickam, and Carol Jutte
Row 2: Betsy Hamer, Phyllis Wilson, Aaron Fenninger, Diane Price and Jim Johnson

Row 1:  Vickie Elam, Lila Fordyce, Lisa Pomeranz, Ann Cranford, and Sandy Kotch. 
Row 2:  Jan Sponsler, Dianna Suttle, and Dianna Conaty

Row 1:  Kathy Miller, Pat Tucker, Mary Sands, Nancy Mazzei.
Row 2:  Chris Frazier, Leola Benjamin, Lucia Lister, and Carol Hart

Row 1 - Susan Hadenchuk, Lois Ambler and Lois’ Mother
Row 2 - Pat Steele and Lois Ambler's sister

Public Relations Chair, Martha Koletar, and Lorraine Lenkevich and Phyllis Wilson, vice-chairs of public relations and Media

                 Photos taken at the January 11, 2017 meeting at The View Restaurant.
                              Row 1: Annetta Clark, Maytu Szalankiewicz and Mary Beth Losch
                              Row 2: Diana Fotinatos and Stephanie Hosid

                                      Row 1: Dale Spencer, Connie Hendrix and Betsy Hamer
                                      Row 2: Dianna Suttle, Linda Johnson and Linda Lashley

                                             Jane Freach, Harriette Bode and Phyllis Edwards

                           Row 1: Brooke Triplett, Nora Hickam, Gwen Causey and Ella Maugans
                           Row 2: Peggy Harris, Maxine McCullar and Joan Hall

                                      Row 1: Sally Meginley, Mary Sands and Nancy Mazzei
                                      Row 2:   Susan Erikson, Carol Hart, Diane Price, Connie Davidson

                          Row 1 Suzanne Short, Jean Green and Carol Sutter
                          Row 2: Emily Queener, Barbara Griffin, Norma Eckard and Helen Radcliffe

                                       Row 1: Kathy Miller, Chaplain, Diane Kuebert, Regent, Fran Carlsen
                                       Row 2: Pat Gooding, Historian, Pat Tucker, and Carol Jutte, Vice-Regent

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