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Friday, April 6, 2018, Brunswick Town Chapter DAR, and Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range Commemorated the 101th Anniversary The US Entered WWI

On April 6th, 2018 a Commemoration of the 101st Anniversary of the United States entry into the Great War was celebrated at 10:30 a.m. at Fort Caswell Rifle Range, which is located off Foxfire Trace in Caswell Dunes. Dave Lewis of the Brunswick County Historical Society, re-enactor Carl Mauney, members of the Brunswick Town Daughters of the American Revolution and members of the Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range recited the names of known World War I veterans from Brunswick County. There also was a wreath-laying ceremony, a presentation about the range and a tour given by Norma Eckard. To learn more about the event or the historic site, visit 

Row 1: Re-enactor Carl Mauney, Re-enactor, Vice-Regent, Pat Gooding, and Regent, Carol Jutte
Row 2: Jayne Rankin, Jeanne Nelson, Norma Ekard, President Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range, Donna Agopsowicz, Mary Earp, Annetta Clark, Treasurer,  Cindy Sellers, Registrar, Peggy Harris and  Phyllis Wilson, Historian
In attendance, but missing from photo are Helen Radcliff and professional  photographer, Christine Urick.

Norma Eckard, President Friends of Fort Caswell Rifle Range

Cindy Sellers read a profile of a local recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, Pfc Benjamin Bantie Smith of Ash,  who died of wounds received in extraordinary acts of valor.  Included was a letter to his parents from the attending Chaplain from the field hospital in France.  The profile is from the book Survival Lessons, A Tribute to Family, Community, Faith by William J Long, grand-nephew of Private Smith.  Sellers closed with a note from Gen Pershing to the troops.
Joyce Crabrtree, President of the Home Owners Association and a supporter of Friends of Ft. Caswell Rifle Range. She was one of the 4 Roll Callers, of the BC WWI Veterans. Her Grandfather was born and raised in Southport.

Dave Lewis

Carl Mauney

Re-enactor Carl Mauney shows his uniform and explains his face mask, boots and other artifacts before the ceremony.

In this section of the Rifle Range Target Pit, the men who raise, lowered and marked the targets could safely walk from the storage room through the Walkway to the targets.

Look how excited, Annetta Clark, our treasurer is!

Professional Photographer, Christine Urick - Thank you for the above photographs...

Lee Hinnant, reporter from The State Port Pilot...
Early birds waiting for the others to arrive. The event started at 10:30.
Thank you Phyllis Wilson for the above 4 photographs.

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