Friday, March 24, 2017

Photos of Smithville Burial Grounds in Southport, NC

Below are some photographs of the Old Smithville Burying Ground. Vicki Kay, a Brunswick Town DAR member recently moved from Sunset Beach  to Lumberton, NC to Wesley Pines Nursing Home where she met the author of the poem, "Old Smithville Burying Ground." Vicki met Ford Balch there and he shared the poem he had written with her. She shared it with Phyllis Wilson, member of the Brunswick Town Chapter. Phyllis was very impressed with the poem and sent it to Bob Surridge, Board of Directors of the Southport Community Center and Southport Historical Society. Visit their website and learn more about the Old Smithville Burying Ground. 
Mr. Surrige put Ford Balch's poem in the Southport Historical Society Whittler's Bench Winter 2017 issue on page 8. The poem was recently written by Mr. Balch. He was motivated to write the poem several years ago after a visit there with his daughter who was working on a school project. We hope you will enjoy this poem.

photos taken from free images 

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