Thursday, March 3, 2016

Battle of Moore's Creek 240th Anniversary

Brunswick Town Chapter members; Carol Jutte, Vice Regent; Fran Carlsen; Betsy Hamer; Connie Hendrix and Pat Tucker in line for the processional of the wreath laying at Moore's Creek 240th Anniversary. 
Brunswick Town Chapter Vice Regent Carol Jutte at Moores Creek 240th Anniversary with the chapter wreath and flag.

                                                                             SAR members
Brunswick Town members; Pat Tucker, Connie Hendrix, Betsy Hamer, Fran Carlsen, Robynn Rutledge, NC State Historian; Carol Jutte, Vice-Regent attending the Moores Creek 240th Anniversary.

Colonial Men at work, Jim McKee on right.

Colonial woman at work spinning.

Colonial woman with herbs.

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