Sunday, October 25, 2015

125th Anniversary for Daughters
This year The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is celebrating their 125th anniversary. The DAR was officially formed on October 11, 1890, and 125 years later all the chapters nationwide are making an effort to illustrate our National Society’s collective commitment to America by serving our communities on the National DAR Day of Service. All the DAR chapters in North Carolina and nationwide are doing special things to honor this occasion.

Brunswick Town DAR Chapter volunteered to assist at the Port Brunswick Day on October 24th by volunteering at various stations around Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson. They worked at the Quill Writing/Letter Sealing station, Stenciling, Create a Tricorn Hat, Toys and Games. It was amazing to see so many students visiting Brunswick Town and participating in the different activities. Ten exhibit stations were set up along the site's trail, featuring candle dippers, colonial dentistry, naval stores and woodworking among other demonstrations. Interpreters with knowledge of each task were on hand to explain the process of each. There also were small arms demonstrations. The colonial period and the role of the craftspeople was the focus of Brunswick Town-Fort Anderson State Historic Site’s Port Brunswick Days event.

The dual historic site features the ruins of the colonial Brunswick Town, as well as the earthen walls of a Civil War-era fort is open to visitors year-round Tuesday through Saturdays. Go to

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