Friday, May 15, 2015

Photographs of DAR Members and Guests That Attended the May 2015 Meeting

 Row 1: Martha Koeltar, Kathy O’Donnell and Kathy Miller
 Row 2: Cindy Sellers, and Jackie Craft
Kathy O’Donnell is signing her membership papers, Martha and Kathy Miller are signing supplementals.

Row 1-  Kathy O'Donnell, Cindy Sellers, Cindy Gulledge,
Brenda Harriss
Row 2 - Martha Koletar, Jane Johnson, Carol Johnert (prospective member), Emily Queener

Row 1: Betsy Pessetto, Mary Ann Davie (guest of Jackie Craft
from the Halpatiokee DAR Chapter in Martin Co, Florida 
and Fran Carlsen
Row 2: Pat Gooding, Jackie Craft and Bonnie Becmer

Row 1: Vicky Kay, Helen Taylor, Nora Hickam, and Carol Jutte
Row 2: Betsy Hamer, Phyllis Wilson, Aaron Fenninger, Diane Price and Jim Johnson

Row 1:  Vickie Elam, Lila Fordyce, Lisa Pomeranz, Ann Cranford, and Sandy Kotch. 
Row 2:  Jan Sponsler, Dianna Suttle, and Dianna Conaty

Row 1:  Kathy Miller, Pat Tucker, Mary Sands, Nancy Mazzei.
Row 2:   Chris Frazier, Leola Benjamin, Lucia Lister, and Carol Hart

Row 1 - Susan Hadenchuk, Lois Ambler and Lois’ Mother
Row 2 - Pat Steele and Lois Ambler's sister

Carol Jutte, Lisa Pomeranz, Jackie Craft, Gwen Causey, Betsy Pessetto, Pat Gooding and Phyllis Wilson all attended the State Conference in Durham, NC 2015

This is the certificate Brunswick Town received for a Tri-Color award for Chapter Achievement at State Conference this year.

The installation of new officers was held.  Gwen Causey filling in for Diane Kuebert, Chaplain, installed the following officers:  Carol Jutte, Vice Regent;  Kathy Miller, Chaplain; Nancy Mazzei, Treasurer; Cindy Sellers, Registrar; Pat Gooding, Historian; Diane Price, Librarian.  Diane Kuebert, Regent, will be installed at Continental Congress in June and Lynn Deen, Recording and Corresponding Secretary, will be installed at the first meeting in September.

Jackie Craft, Regent said goodbye to Susan Hadenchuk, Librarian, Cindy Sellers, Registrar, and Betsy Pessetto,  Vice-Regent 

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