Monday, March 30, 2015

Genealogical Records Books Are Missing from the DAR Library

Dear North Carolina Daughters,
The following Genealogical Records book(s) are missing from the DAR Library. Would you please research and see if there might be a copy somewhere in your state (state library, state archive, DAR chapter, or DAR state collection). If you do have a copy the DAR Library would be most appreciative if your state would donate a replacement copy of the missing volume(s) to the DAR Library. The DAR Library does not have the funds to pay for replacing these records.
North Carolina:
Series 1, Volume 73: New Hanover Co. Tombstone and Genealogical Records (1940) 235 leaves
Series 1, Volume 140.5: Miscellaneous Contributions from Chapters 1949-1950. 124 leaves. Microfilm #860260
Series 1, Volume 236: Descendants of Thomas Jacocks by William Picard Jacocks, Edenton Tea Party Chapter (1958) 89 leaves
Series 1, Volume 256: Carolina Kith and Kin (book 2), Eva Downey Barnett, Edward Buncombe Chapter (1957-1958) 127 leaves
Series 1, Volume 394: Robert Patton Meeting House, compiled by Lillian Bird Thomas, Greenlee Chapter (1976) 91 leaves
Series 2, Volume 54: Bible Records (2009) – Not in Catalog 170 pages of GRC credit
If you have any questions, please contact me.
In DAR Friendship,
Susan Tillman
National Chair, Genealogical Records Committee

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