Saturday, March 1, 2014

Update on Special Needs at the Veteran's Hospital in Fayetteville, NC

L to R: Ella Maugans discussing the needs of the patients at the Veteran's Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. with Norma Fraser.
When we hear the word “veteran” we usually unconsciously think “male.”  But the picture is changing.   More and more females are joining the military and serving wherever United States troops are placed.  And like the males, some come home wounded, physically, emotionally or mentally.   Many of these women are patients in the mental health section at the Veterans’ Hospital in Fayetteville.  They are not permitted to wear anything with metal in it.  Even standard design bras are “out.”  They need pullover sports bras size Large and Extra Large.  We have been asked to add these to the patients’ needs list.
An ongoing need is gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s that the hospital staff can use for arts and crafts supplies for patients activities.
Just added to the needs’ list are magazine subscriptions so each section of the hospital will have fresh magazines with no personal identification on the address label.  The subscriptions were a special request from Norma Frazier, Head of Voluntary Services at the hospital in Fayetteville, to Ella Mangums when Ella delivered quilts and other items to the hospital in February.   Ella will give more information on subscriptions – any restrictions, any preferences on magazines, what address to use – at a future chapter meeting.  In the meantime, save any inserts in the magazines you receive that offer a discount that interested members could take advantage of.

Posted by Ella Maugans
DAR Service to Veteran' s Chair

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