Sunday, August 4, 2013

District IX DAR Round Table Session Attended by Brunswick Town DAR Members

L to R: Phyllis Wilson, Chapter and State Public Relations and Media Chair, Cindy, Sellers, Brunswick Town Registrar, Pat Gooding, Chapter Treasurer, Betsy Pessetto, Chapter Vice-Regent, Fran Carlsen, DAR Schools Chair, Jackie Craft, Chapter Regent and Nora Hickam, Chapter and State Americanism Chair. The meeting was held  August 2, 2013 in  Rose Hill, NC at the Rose Hill Restaurant.

L to R: Wilmington Tea Walk DAR Chapter members:Vice-Regent, DJ Everette, Marlene Lane, Public Relations and Media Chair, Jo Campbell, Regent and Gail Pike, perspective member also attended the Round Table Session on Aug. 2nd. There were 44 members present from District IX.
District IX Director Linda Rivenbark

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