Tuesday, July 9, 2013

122nd DAR Continental Congress at Constitution Hall

Opening Night Ceremonies of the 122nd  DAR Continental Congress at Constitution Hall.
Daughters of the American Revolution Headquarters, June 27, 2013

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The North Carolina Room

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Susan Anderson former NC State Regent is standing  next to the gate that was given in memory of Past Curator General Rolfe Teague (2001-2004) of North Carolina by her husband Richard Teague in the North Carolina room at Constitution Hall in DC.

DAR - All Over the World was represented by 26 chapters from: Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Vienna, Austria; Nassau, Bahamas; Hamilton, Bermuda, Ottawa, Ontario; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Montreal, Quebec; Calgary, Alberta ; Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario Canada; Paris, France, Ramstein, Germany, Tamuning, Guam; Rome, Italy; Tokyo, Japan;  Baja California, Mexico; Guadalajara, Jaliso, Mexico City, San Carlos, Sonora; Chapala, Jaliso Mexico; Moscow, Russia;  Madrid Spain;  St. James, Westminster, England, UK; Walter Hines Page London, England, and Washington Old Hall, Washington, England UK

The St. James Chapter from West Minster, England, UK

The first or top photograph in the DAR Library was taken looking up from the floor to the  balconies on one side. (Before Continental Hall was built, the society used what is now the DAR Library for all Continental Congresses) This may give our members something to look at and appreciate what the inside of our library looks like. In the first two pictures you can see the beautiful lay lights which have brought much beauty and light into the library.The third photo needed to be cropped due to not being able to get permission to post their pictures on the blog. There are tables and comfortable chairs for DAR members to research while in the library.The last photo is the famous oil painting of George Washington by Peale under the DAR Insignia. Photographs and article by Diane Kuebert, Brunswick Town Chapter DAR member.

Here is the link to all the DAR Convention photos:

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