Friday, April 13, 2012

Ted Carlsen Receives DAR Community Service Award for 2012

The DAR Community Service Award is presented to Ted Carlsen
 by Gwen Causey,
Community Service Committee Chairman
The Brunswick Town Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honored Theodore (Ted) Carlsen for the Community Service Award for 2012, which was presented at the April 11th DAR meeting held at The Boathouse Restaurant in Southport, NC.
Ted was recognized for his many hours of volunteering in activities that directly influence the safety and welfare of Brunswick County.

Ted is worthy of recognition for his many years of work with the Naturalization Ceremony held each Fourth of July in Southport, NC. This ceremony attracts upward to 150 candidates each year wanting to become naturalized United States citizens. The popularity of this even has led to a second ceremony held in January. He became co-chairman of the event in 2006 and continues to serve in this position today along with his wife, Fran, since 2005.

For three years Ted Carlsen was a LT with the St. James Fire Police Department. As a volunteer, he along with golf course personnel surveyed all four courses to find paths for the ambulance to use. He helped make plans for emergency vehicles to use in case of an emergency on the golf course. He stopped volunteering with the Fire Department to become completely involved with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

Ted attended the Citizen’s Academy in May, 2009 and became an active volunteer with the sheriff’s office. After completing the Brunswick Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Academy he enrolled in the Volunteer Observers Impacting Community Efforts (VOICE). In March, 2010 he assumed the role of Volunteer Program Coordinator and serves as class registrar. At the annual Christmas party of the sheriff’s office he was recognized as the 2011 Volunteer of the Year.
Ted Carlsen, Gwen Causey & Sheriff Ingram
Our chapter wished to honor Ted Carlsen for his many hours of dedication to our community and county-giving of himself to make this a better place to live.

Fran Carlsen, Ted's wife places the
Community Service pin on his lapel.

Posted by Lisa Pomeranz, Brunswick Town Chapter Regent and Gwen Causey, Community Service Committee Chairman.

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