Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Little Tugboat Will Be Missed

Our little tugboat captured by Phyllis Wilson.

The Valley Forge, a 1950s-era fire tugboat stationed at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, is up for public auction after being decommissioned last year. Joe Beckley, an engineer on the tug for ten years, gives a tour of the boat before it went up for sale on February 2, 2012. Click on video below.

YouTube video and information supplied by Terry Pope of The State Port Pilot in Southport, NC

The Valley Forge firefighting tugboat was bought by a Virginia man who sinks boats for a living. But the tug's new life away from the U.S. Army won't be at the bottom of the sea, said Capt. Tim Mullane, its purchaserInstead, the boat will be put to work towing concrete, metal railing and other boats to destinations all along the East Coast so they can be sunk to create artificial reefs.
For all of us who were sad to see out tugboat go to sale, will be happy to know that Military Ocean teminal Sunny Point has already purchased a replacement tugboat that will be used in this year's Naturalization Ceremony. This will be the 16th year that the tug has been participating in the ceremony.

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