Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DAR Insignia

Pins and ribbons can  be purchased from the Hamilton Jewelers or the Office of the Organizing Secretary General. This photograph was taken a few years ago, so the current prices may be different than what is listed above. Call Jackie Craft, our insignia chair at 910-755-7563 if you have any questions.

DAR Insignia was designed by Dr. George Brown Goode and was adopted by the National Board of Management on May 26, 1891.  The Insignia represents the objects of the DAR:  education, history, and patriotism.

The spinning wheel symbolizes the home, the foundation of the nation.  Home is where learning and education begin; the stars represent the thirteen original states and signify our nation’s history.  The rim of the spinning wheel is an endless circle.  We think of this as the necessity for patriotism that must never end if we are to preserve democracy for all time; the star for the first of the thirteen states is in the exact center of the top of the rim.  The stars continue around the circle clockwise in the order of the entrance of the states into the Union.  This information is an excerpt by Ann Cranford, a member of our Chapter, from an article written by Jane Ewing Barrow, National Insignia Chairman in 1967.

 If you are a new member – where do I begin?  Most new members start with the basic insignia which consists of the official insignia, chapter bar and ancestor bar.  These pins will be automatically mounted on the ribbon for you. 

You can order the state pin of your original ancestor’s service and also your membership state which is North Carolina.

Pins may be ordered from Hamilton Jewelers or the Office of the Organizing Secretary General.  The OSG will verify the DAR service and forward your order to Hamilton.  Or you can call Hamilton via phone 800-786-5890 or online at .

Placement of your pins on the official ribbon (which should not exceed 14 inches in length) should be placed on the left shoulder, starting at the shoulder seam.  You begin with the highest office at the top of the ribbon and ending with the official insignia at the bottom of the ribbon over your heart.

Pins should be worn at DAR functions.  Not in restaurants, lounges or other public places unless a DAR function is taking place.

The DAR Insignia may also be placed on the grave of a DAR Daughter.

You can go online to and on the right side of the page you will see Insignia, click on that and it takes you to the Insignia site.  You will find more information plus a Q&A that is very informative.

If you have questions please email or call me on or 910-755-7563.

posted by Jackie Craft
Insignia Chair

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