Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Nadine Bray, women’s Issues Committee chair for the Brunswick Town Chapter of the DAR reported that during October many people put a lot of effort into showing their commitment to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and Research by organizing activities, publishing articles and raising money. With regard to the latter – raising money – some feel the “Pink Ribbon” is sometimes commercially exploited and the link between the money raised and how it is used – whether awareness, research or nothing at all – is often not clear.

Be aware of where your money or contribution is going.

Apply these basis questions:

1. How much money actually goes toward the stated programs and
services? Can you tell? Is it enough? If not, you may want to give
directly to the charity instead.

2. Where is the money going? What organization will get the money? If you
can’t tell or you don’t know what the organization does, you may want to
reconsider your purchase.

3. What types of programs are being supported? If research, what kind? If
services, are they reaching the people who need them most?

These basic questions can be easily applied to any charity, donation, or fund raising activity you may want to support. Any contributions you can make to the various causes are always appreciated – just try to make sure it will be used as you expect……

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