Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check Out the NCSDAR Member News

Please bookmark it in your favorites.

Also check out the DAR official 'You Tube' site:

Once in the blog check the below message on the website. There is lot of information about websites to view. District VIII Director has information posted about state, national news and deadline updates. So check these things out.
Message to District VIII Daughters from your District Director

For the first time ever, the President General has created a blog! The site is For those who don’t know about blogs, they are a way for people to share thoughts, images and information with others in a quickly and easily online. Among other things, Mrs. Wright will use this as a venue for announcements and updates. You can sign up to receive this blog by going to the site and go all the way down to the lower right and where it says “sign me up” just enter your email address. It is quick and easy and you will be assured of updates and information as it happens.

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